What is it?

Xem is a small device connected to your home or office network. It provides a platform to watch and analyze problems. Xem can then alert you, before those issues become dangerous to your home or business.

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How does it work?

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The device hosts a suite of products which work in concert to constantly analyze your network health. We provide security for internet and email connections, spot issues which may cause your network to malfunction, and provide an unbreakable Vault for secure backup and restoration.

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Scenario 1

network surprises

Our client implements the Xem to assist in proactive management of the network environment. A medical office, the doctor is able to provide excellent medical care for his patients but doesn't want more problems with technology. As his practice grows and adds another physician, his network complexity increases. The Xem device spots a problem with a second, conflicting DHCP source and alerts. The Doctor, wishing to keep costs down, simply asks the new physician what equipment was added and finds another wireless router active on his network. This second router is then configured correctly and both physicians are able to continue functioning without missing a beat.

Total IT cost = $0.00
Scenario 2

internet connectivity problems

Our valued customer, an advertising agency recently upgraded to a faster internet connection. This worked fine until the Xem spotted a problem with the connectivity and alerted. Our ability to immediately spot problems allowed the customer to contact the carrier on the weekend rather than during the work week saving time and lost staff efficiency.

Total IT cost = $0.00
Scenario 3

security and theft problems

A manufacturer recently forced to upgrade their computers left the boxes out in a bad part of town. The theft occurred that night at about 2am. Our Xem device alerted, tied into the video system and was able to identify not only the person responsible for the theft (an employee) but spotted the computer come back online and was able to remotely wipe the contents of the drive (assured by constant backup in the file vault), saving the customer from a lengthy and expensive legal engagement.

Total IT cost = $0.00


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